Sunday, November 11, 2018

Happenings in our neck of the woods

I have NO idea where this past month has gone, it was gone that fast.

A few notables, Rowan was in the 4-H play and, although he didn't have a speaking part, he sure enjoyed it. The people in charge weren't well prepared however. It rained on the 1st 2 performances and was wicked cold. The 3rd performance, the one I attended, was a matinee. It. Was. COLD - and windy. But to see his little face on stage warmed my heart so much it was worth it. Plus, the play was very cute. They did Kid Frankenstein (I think that was the name of it). Rowan was one of the students in the class.

He's the one in the Teenage mutant ninja turtle sweatshirt. ❤

Then, of course, there was Halloween...

I forgot to get a "line up" picture but here they are nonetheless. 👍

And, last but not least - November Fun Socks - yippee!

We have been getting snow here all weekend. I'd say a good couple inches and it's been windy and cold. 17 degrees as I type.

Card night has been hit and miss - This week we tied.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Rowan Joins The Club

This year Rowan has joined Taekwondo! He loves it. It's interesting to see how he progresses compared to Milo. They look at things, and react to things differently.

This past week he earned his first belt - he was VERY happy.

We even got to do a full "class" picture.

He had to have a new uniform ordered because the one they had didn't have the logo on it and it was too big - he's still itty bitty, only 5 years old.

This week I received another "care package" in the mail.

Yesterday we had a beautiful weather day (about 70 degrees!) so we took advantage and did some of the things outside that needed to be done. And then....the asian beetles showed up in droves. ARGHHHHHHH we were hoping the unseasonable cool weather for the past couple weeks would have killed them off but NO. I think their only natural enemy is the vacuum cleaner.

P.S. Last week they won, this week???

Friday, October 12, 2018

Halloween Fairy

Looky what was in the mailbox for me when I checked today....

Some of my FAVORITE things. There's even PUMPKIN! I am one of those people that when this time of year comes around I am all about the pumpkin. There's the pumpkin spice latte's at Caribou Coffee (yum!) and an ever growing assortment of Pumpkin goodies. And now, a first for me, a Pumpkin soap. Huzzah!

This time I also received a lip balm. I opened that up and tried it right away - LOVE IT!

I am so Thankful for this pick me up - I am truly blessed.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The Great Pumpkin

Our neighbors grew some great pumpkins this year. Saturday we had a Pumpkin Party. It was a great time for the big and little's alike. The bigs got tired.

It was a temporary disaster area but that's often true when having fun. It cleans up and the memories are so worth it!

Once safely home the pumpkins had turned into jack-o-lanterns and were set in their places with their ghoulish faces.

Frank made Apple Pie for Card night. He hasn't made one for ages. He even used those 8 apples from our apple tree! I was loving the heart <3

P.S. We won! (Must have been the pie)