Saturday, November 26, 2016

It's the most wonderful time of the year

A year has slipped by since I have written in this blog. I can't think of a good reason, or a bad reason. I guess it just IS. The past year and a half have been difficult (understatement of the century) but this too shall pass they say.

We have been blessed with a blanket of snow for the holiday season, providing it stays through. The temps have been unseasonably warm. The air and the snow is heavy and slowly melting.

Thanksgiving has come and gone and now plans are underway for Christmas. The holiday season is like a blur and before you know it, it is over - all but the memories. So, it's good to make sure there are plenty of those.

Mike and Angie hosted Thanksgiving this year. They did a fab job even with the help of the younguns. It was strange not to be the hosts, we have done it for so many years. It was nice though.

Christmas will be our turn to host. I have finished up my Christmas shopping so am eager to get the decorating organizing underway to make room for the holiday decorations. We will have Mike, Angie, and grandkiddo's here on Christmas Eve. Possibly Mike's family as well. We will be missing Crystal and Dale, as we did over Thanksgiving, but they will be here with us in spirit. They will hopefully get to venture our way before too long.

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