Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Life goes on

I haven't posted in a long time, looking at my last post it has been well over a year - where does the time go?

Life has been full of ups and downs and the times are uncertain.

Summer is definitely in our neck of the woods. 90 and humid today - not my favorite but I should remember it beats 30 below the donut, I suppose.

Went on a trip to restock to Costco, what an event! Last time we went was before all the crazy. Glad we did too because TP wasn't such a hot commodity! We just restocked after 3 months so we're good.

Work has mostly been remote but sometimes that doesn't work out but trying to stay clear of this virus, mostly for Frank's sake - that would NOT go well for him.

Been practicing smoking meat.

This is a chuck roast that I used a rub for brisket on and then we made pulled beef sandwiches. I basted it with au jus, it was fantastic. The ribs were awesome too.

Nature is still a beautiful thing - Until next time...

Wednesday, January 30, 2019


Just keeping the woodstove filled and us warm.

Better days are coming...

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Happenings at the Sprucehaven

This morning we were greeted by 3 wolves. I got some pics (with my phone) and a small video of them. They are about 200 yards from our house so, needless to say, the hound doggies had a conniption fit!

I couldn't get them all in a picture but there were 3 all together. So, for the time being the doggies will be quarantined to the pen only. It's breeding season for the wolves so maybe for the next month or so the doggies will need to stay closer to the house.

I'm not sure what happens when it gets cold but it puts me into hyperspastic cooking mode. I wish it put me more into hyperspastic cleaning mode. Not super helpful with the new eating plan but it will pass.

Biscuits are just 2 cups self rising flour, 1/2 stick butter (cold), and some milk or buttermilk - enough to make the dough.

The bread is a good recipe but I can't link it, I can't find the link anymore. Blogger won't let me upload a pdf file either but it's basically a white bread recipe and then I used lard to oil the pans, generously. It is soft and super good! I made (but forgot to take a picture) Salisbury steak to go with it and green beans. I didn't have a recipe for Salisbury steak, just added what I thought would work.

I bake with recipes but I rarely cook with them. I can remember asking my Mom how to make certain things like how much of this or that to add and her response was, "Until it looks right." - Really? Well, now I'm doing the same thing so I guess it has come full circle.

Here's the thermometer at our place on Saturday morning - Sheesh!

That's air temp - a bit colder with windchill.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Reality Check

It is currently 8 degrees below the donut with a real feel of -18. This is definitely a downturn to what our weather this winter has been to this point. This is when the locals start flocking to warmer climates. If I were retired I can honestly say I would be joining them - UFFDA!

It all started earlier in the week when we woke up to the beauty that only a good hoar frost provides

You instinctively know that things are about to change. 2 days later we were in the deep freeze. Tonight the wind chill is supposed to reach -35.

But still we are blessed with beauty - Check out the moon dog!

Card night was a bust again - They won.