Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Overnighter with the boys

This past Saturday we picked up the boys after picking up our CSA box. Weather was pretty brisk so we did inside activities. There's always tic tac toe, wii games, drawing, and of course baking. It is so fun to see them and an everyday activity has it's own special spin on it when there are little people involved.

While Rowan played tic tac toe with Grampa Milo and I made a batch of M&M cookies. We packed up most of what was left to take to Mom and Dad.

Next up was Super Mario, Rowan prefers to be Luigi simply because he's green (his favorite color) and Milo needs to be Mario who's red (his favorite color). There was the usual bickering that goes on between siblings but they managed to keep it to a dull roar :)

Sunday morning Grampa showed Milo how to make omelettes and of course we had the standby of Blueberry pancakes which Milo decided should be now called "Grannycakes", what a monkey!

Kids always bring a lot of life into the house but by Sunday, mid morning Gramps and I were pretty worn out - time to load up and get them back to Mom and Dads. Until next time...

P.S. We switched partners - Guys vs Gals, WE WON!

Monday, June 19, 2017

A little birdie told me

I was watching this little bird collecting dead grass for his nest. When he decided he had enough he flew up to the pole and I was able to snap a pic. I think he was telling me, "Go ahead, I don't mind if you take my picture!" and so, I did.

I can remember my Mom telling me that a little birdie told her when I couldn't figure out how she knew about something I did (usually something I wasn't supposed to do). I used to get so angry at those birds!

Little Frank has been out helping the hubby with some outdoor projects. It's his first paying job and he's excited to be out helping. It is a big help to the hubby to get some of the things taken care of. They've been working on the rock wall around the back patio. It's coming along pretty well. We used to do quite a bit of that when hubby was doing landscaping. It's a hard job but rewarding.

Today was a long Monday and I am going to turn in early....

P.S. They won - again.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Little Getaway

Saturday morning Angie and I took off for our overnight getaway. We just went to a larger town about 80 miles from here. It was a lot of fun - we had a lot of conversation, good food, laughs, and just got to spend time with each other. I'm looking forward to doing it again soon. Next time we'll choose another location and maybe make it a full weekend. It's hard for her to leave the kids. Being a stay at home Mom is like that, I remember when I was home full time while the girls were little. It's difficult to leave them even if you really think you want to some days :) Just having someone else do the cooking is a nice break for us.

It's been hot in our neck of the woods so outside activities are at a standstill. We finally got some rain on Sunday but we need more especially with this heat. I know a lot of people wait for this kind of weather but I'm not one of them.

Little Frank is planning on coming out tomorrow - Gramps will go pick him up. He's decided he wants a summer job so we'll see how it goes.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

This and That

We tackled a job that we've been talking about for awhile now - Cleaning out the water softener brine tank. Not an overly difficult job but an event nonetheless. It was time, what a mess!

We were under a tornado watch late this afternoon, luckily nothing materialized. It did leave us with a beautiful sunset and thunderheads though. I was even able to capture at least part of it's beauty on camera.

Cooper and I spent quite awhile outside just enjoying the view. I saw a wolf crossing the field at the far end but didn't get a picture, it happened too quick. They don't usually waste alot of time getting out of the open. 

I don't know what he was looking for but he wasn't turning around so this is what you get, the back of his head, I tried getting his attention but he wasn't having it. There was probably a mortal enemy in there (aka chipmunk).

The moon was out at the same time so had to take a picture of it too, almost full. According to the calendar the full moon is Friday night but it sure looked full tonight too.

It was a great evening to be on the Sprucehaven Farm :)

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Suddenly Summer

2 days ago I was wearing a winter coat and the furnace was running. Yesterday summer made an appearance. 88 degrees, welcome to Minnesota.

Took the car in to the shop because it sounded like the muffler fell off. Luckily it was just a gasket and now it purrs like a kitten again. I was thankful that's all it was and that I no longer get "the look" when I leave the parking lot :D

Still waiting on the peony's to bloom, I hope the wind doesn't blow the buds clean off. The wind never seems to stop. Last night it rained, and it rained hard, but it was brief. We need more moisture with all the wind.

Picked up our share at the Farmer's Market. Pretty much same fare as last week with the addition of radishes. Those will be good in a salad. We get rhubarb but don't need it so we share with others. I made a rhubarb cake yesterday for Card night. It was really good. Actually, if you don't like rhubarb it would be perfect because it's not overwhelming in this recipe. I will definitely make it again. The only change I made was butter in place of shortening.

That's it for now....

P.S. They won (We were actually skunked)