Friday, June 29, 2018

Hot and humid in the sticks

Mom always called these lilies 4th of July flowers and this year they are right on schedule.
We are having a spell of hot and humid weather here. Today it's 91 degrees above the donut with 62% humidity - As my Gramma would have said, "Uffda!".

But the blooms love this kind of weather. These are the kind of days people say if you listen close enough you can hear the corn growing!

The Gramma roses are blooming even though the rabbits destroyed alot of the stems over the winter.

We had a visitor of some kind last night that left us with some big holes in the yard. We suspect it was a badger. I hope he was busy getting rid of all the striped gophers we've had this year!

And then I noticed the apples are still growing. Obviously the deer haven't spotted them yet. Hope we can get a couple apples this year. This is a haralred. I would like to try a honeycrisp too. Maybe next year.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Fun and then, not fun.

This weekend we ventured to a Flea Market in a neighboring town. There was a wide variety of this and that but we left empty handed. The reason is two-fold. The biggest reason, we already have plenty of STUFF. Second was the prices. We thought they were a bit steep. Still it was a nice outing on a Sunday.

This past week Crystal, our oldest, went to a new Chiropractor as she continues to have issues with her back and neck. She has seen a wide variety of Chiro's, Massage Therapists, and even an Empath. All to no long term satisfaction. This time X-rays were taken.

NOT good.

We are all hopeful that this new guy will be able to make a difference. Of course he thinks he can.

P.S. We tied

Saturday, June 16, 2018


Today it's raining cats and dogs so I will spend some more time decluttering. Last weekend we went to a couple garage sales but I didn't buy anything. Hard to buy when your in declutter mode at home.

We sold my old car last week and this week a part of hubby's work history, Old Blue, went down the road. It was harder for him than he expected. It was good to see it go be of some use to someone though. It wasn't helping it any to have it out in the weeds.

Flowering bushes and roses are starting to bloom too...

After the rain there are more blooms :)

We have been babying this Apple Tree for a few years after it's near death experience from some kind of disease and now there are teeny tiny apples!

And then there's Cooper

Picture of the week is a fun picture of Ang and Milo from when the photographer was doing pictures for Taekwondo. Ang was still in Kumdo then.

And to end the week on a bright note - WE WON! 

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Whirlwind of Activity

This past week or so has been very busy around here. Crystal and Dale and our grandpuppy Tucker came for a 3 day visit. It had been over 6 MONTHS since they've been home. That's too long. Crystal and I even had a Mother/Daughter date and went to the movies. We saw Oceans 8 and we liked it.

It was nice getting the fun sock of the month in person and, of course, I wore them to the movies!

Then we had Milo's Belt test for Taekwondo - he was going to go from orange to yellow but decided to just do the half belt instead. I think that was a good choice. The one little boy went for the full belt and didn't pass :( No need for that kind of stress on an 8 year old. He was happy as a clam since they only had 4 of the new style of belt and he was the only one to raise his hand to get the older style. They will have the new style one for him at his next class. Wait - that was tonight so he probably has it already.

P.S. WE WON!! 

Sunday, June 3, 2018

The Neverending Socks

So after 2 months the socks are finally off my needles!


I am a cuff sock kind of person so that's how I finished them off. Next will be the bright one's for our Granddaughter Abigail.

I won't lie, there is some sin in this project. But for a first time I'm pretty happy with the outcome. I will take the knowledge learned and apply it to the next pair. I can see why doing both at a time is the way to go otherwise I'm not sure I would ever get the the 2nd sock :)

Got a call from Crystal last night. Their plan is the come home next Thursday for a weekend visit - I can't WAIT, we haven't seen them since Thanksgiving! I mean, we keep in touch frequently but there's nothing like a hug in person from my baby girl (even if she is turning 37 this year).

Windy here today so indoor chores on the list and maybe, just maybe, casting on that wild yarn for Abbie's socks.

P.S. They won AGAIN - why do I keep score?