Sunday, December 30, 2018

Here's to 2019

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions"

I'm not one to really make "New Years Resolutions" although it does give me pause to consider making better choices and decisions so maybe that is a resolution.

There are a few changes, let's call them improvements, that I would like to make in the coming year. First, and foremost, taking better care of myself. I tend to be an emotional eater. And, not just eating but junk eating. That has to go. I went down the path the year I turned 50 - it worked out marvelously.  But, that was 6 years ago - 6! I lost 70 pounds, looked and felt much better and then....the bad habits slowly creep back in. Within a couple years I was right back where I started. So, I would like to get back on track.

I have managed to stay off the stinky butts but am still using the e-cigarette (also known as vaping). I have kept dropping nicotine level and would like to be free of that too by next years end. I'm also an emotional smoker. *sigh*

Last, but not least, I would like to finally get ORGANIZED. I need to take the emotional eating/vaping and turn it to getting organized. Seems completely rational. Skip the bad in lieu of the good. Easier said than done but I'm going to give it a whirl nonetheless.

So, those are my top 3. We'll see how it goes. 😏

P.S. They won.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Mother Nature brings it on

The weather through the holidays was pretty mild. Actually, REALLY mild for this time of year. Mother Nature decided enough of that last night.

We woke up to anywhere from 8 - 12" of fresh snow and it looked lovely until it had to be removed from the walkways, around wood stove, front of garage, etc.

It continued to snow all day and there was about as much again tonight with the added pleasure of wind - Uffda!

I haven't posted much lately - too much going on, I guess.

Christmas will be another post. But I do have the final installment of my monthly fun socks. It was a very fun gift and my daughter is very creative. I looked forward to the package every month.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

For Better or For Worse

39 years ago I walked down the aisle to join my soulmate in marriage. It was a simple ceremony - very low budget but meaningful nonetheless. We took our vows seriously and have, to this day, stayed true to those vows. Not to say it has been an easy path but nothing that is worthwhile is easy, or so they say.

We have been able to weather the worst of the worst and enjoy the best of the best. Maybe it's because we were driven to prove the naysayers wrong? Either way, we've made it this far and there's no turning back now.

Tonight we celebrated by visiting a local restaurant where we were surprised and thrilled to get a great meal, great service, and share some memories of days gone by.

When we eat out I am the one to try something new, hubby goes with tried and true. And so it is:

Steak and mashed for him.

Pecan encrusted walleye for her.

And the empty plate that was - French silk pie drizzled with extra chocolate sauce - YES!

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving

Today would have been my parent's 62nd Wedding Anniversary. I always seem to remember the date somehow.

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to all a bit early as tomorrow will be a complete ZOO around here as we are hosting. The SD crew just pulled in! The others will be here tomorrow.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Happenings in our neck of the woods

I have NO idea where this past month has gone, it was gone that fast.

A few notables, Rowan was in the 4-H play and, although he didn't have a speaking part, he sure enjoyed it. The people in charge weren't well prepared however. It rained on the 1st 2 performances and was wicked cold. The 3rd performance, the one I attended, was a matinee. It. Was. COLD - and windy. But to see his little face on stage warmed my heart so much it was worth it. Plus, the play was very cute. They did Kid Frankenstein (I think that was the name of it). Rowan was one of the students in the class.

He's the one in the Teenage mutant ninja turtle sweatshirt. ❤

Then, of course, there was Halloween...

I forgot to get a "line up" picture but here they are nonetheless. 👍

And, last but not least - November Fun Socks - yippee!

We have been getting snow here all weekend. I'd say a good couple inches and it's been windy and cold. 17 degrees as I type.

Card night has been hit and miss - This week we tied.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Rowan Joins The Club

This year Rowan has joined Taekwondo! He loves it. It's interesting to see how he progresses compared to Milo. They look at things, and react to things differently.

This past week he earned his first belt - he was VERY happy.

We even got to do a full "class" picture.

He had to have a new uniform ordered because the one they had didn't have the logo on it and it was too big - he's still itty bitty, only 5 years old.

This week I received another "care package" in the mail.

Yesterday we had a beautiful weather day (about 70 degrees!) so we took advantage and did some of the things outside that needed to be done. And then....the asian beetles showed up in droves. ARGHHHHHHH we were hoping the unseasonable cool weather for the past couple weeks would have killed them off but NO. I think their only natural enemy is the vacuum cleaner.

P.S. Last week they won, this week???

Friday, October 12, 2018

Halloween Fairy

Looky what was in the mailbox for me when I checked today....

Some of my FAVORITE things. There's even PUMPKIN! I am one of those people that when this time of year comes around I am all about the pumpkin. There's the pumpkin spice latte's at Caribou Coffee (yum!) and an ever growing assortment of Pumpkin goodies. And now, a first for me, a Pumpkin soap. Huzzah!

This time I also received a lip balm. I opened that up and tried it right away - LOVE IT!

I am so Thankful for this pick me up - I am truly blessed.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The Great Pumpkin

Our neighbors grew some great pumpkins this year. Saturday we had a Pumpkin Party. It was a great time for the big and little's alike. The bigs got tired.

It was a temporary disaster area but that's often true when having fun. It cleans up and the memories are so worth it!

Once safely home the pumpkins had turned into jack-o-lanterns and were set in their places with their ghoulish faces.

Frank made Apple Pie for Card night. He hasn't made one for ages. He even used those 8 apples from our apple tree! I was loving the heart <3

P.S. We won! (Must have been the pie)

Saturday, September 29, 2018

No, you can not use my CC to book your AirBNB!

The post title says it all. The CC Company called to ask if I was trying to book a vacation property with AirBNB - seriously? I wish!

Well, the card is now cancelled until I get a new one in the mail. So, I guess there will be no online shopping this weekend. Probably for the best. With the weather today it was right there at the top of my list of fun things to do. I'm grateful that the company keeps a watchful eye - Amazon will just have to wait.

First snow here. Well, technically, it snowed yesterday but I was working and missed it.

I got a care package this week too. I wonder if Crystal will continue this next year!

Work has been INSANE - it doesn't look like it will let up anytime soon either. Today was cleaning catch up to make up for doing absolutely NOTHING at home all week. I remember it being easier and taking less time not THAT long ago.

Last weekend was a family birthday, my cousin. She turned 80 so they had a party for her. She danced and danced. I hope I got those genes.

The pups are in hibernation mode too:

P.S. After 3 weeks - YES 3, we finally WON - Huzzah!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

A Great Time Was Had By All

The long weekend with the family went too quick. Time flies as it is but it seems to just sail by when there are new things to do.

On Friday all of us girls (Crystal, Angie, Abbie, and me) took a road trip to do some shopping and just have fun. The boys (Dale, Mike, Frank, Frank-o, Milo, and Rowan) stayed behind to hold down the fort.

We stopped at a cute little town with lots of cute little shops first.

Abbie reluctantly posed on the cool smore's bench. How cute is that? Ok, maybe I need to get out more.

I didn't take tons of pics but when any of us girls see's one of these - oh, it's on and is a MUST stop and have a kodak moment or two.

Anyway, then we were off to the next town to have lunch and more shopping but this time of the big box kind - Costco. We had a great lunch with a delightful waiter at Grizzly's. I didn't do much in the way of food pics but I did get one of these. They were so good! Plus we were starving by this time.

They were called Texas Egg Rolls. They were filled with pulled pork with a pretty spicy chili sauce. I would definitely order them again.

Oh, and the rotisserie that they cook their chickens on - OUT OF THIS WORLD! Best.Chicken.Ever.

And then...

P.S. One month today off the smelly sticks - wahoo!

Thursday, September 13, 2018

South Dakota Visitors, etc.

Dale, Crystal, and grandpuppy Tucker arrived this evening for a visit. They will be here for 4 days! Things around here have been hectic and we're looking to spend some quality time with them. Tomorrow Crystal plans to take Dale to see where she attended college since she hasn't been back to that town for quite a few years. Friday she and I are planning a road trip to do some shopping.

School is underway for the grandkiddo's. They are doing an online schooling this year called Connections Academy - so far so good. Ang has been homeschooling the little boys in the previous few years but this way she can still keep a watchful eye. Rowan has joined Milo with Taekwondo this year as well.

I haven't posted in quite awhile. I have been kind of "out there". I finally was able to kick the smoking habit on August 18th after more years than I care to admit. I did choose the e-cigarette method and it seems like it was a good choice for me. I've tried almost every other method to no avail but I'm confident that this will be the ticket. Finger's crossed!

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Time Flies

Time has been flying here lately. I don't know what the deal is with that!

We had a great time with Mr. Milo - he was able to spend 5 days with us on the Sprucehaven and, broken hand aside, we all enjoyed it.

There were movies (and Ice Cream). We liked the color of this Ice Cream (Cotton Candy) but we were under impressed with the flavor.

A LOT of video games - I haven't played actual video games in a LONG time. I think I used to be better at them : /

There was dog loving too. The hounds just adore the Grandkids.

He was able to do quite a bit of golf card driving too but that took place while I was at work so - no pictures. He also got to run the wood splitter.

Normally he would have spent a lot of time riding bike but that wasn't happening. He really wanted to split wood with the maul and wedges but that isn't a one handed sport either. He'll have plenty of time for those things when he gets healed up. We weren't sure what we would do with him since he couldn't do the things he normally would but it all worked out fine and it was just a nice, slower paced visit.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Oh, Milo!

While getting ready to go in for Franko's Birthday party on Sunday I got a text from Ang - from the E.R. (heart sink), Milo had hurt his hand and she thought it could be broken. It was.

He let his temper get the better of him and decided to punch the floor. Well, it punched back in the form of a "Boxer's Fracture". I don't think he'll be doing that again anytime soon. He was slated to come out to our place for a little vaca before school started. Well, he is here but his activities have been sharply impacted. Today he got the cast on and that's for 4 weeks. It may impact the first couple weeks of Taekwondo but the Doc thinks it will heal up just fine.

What a face.

Anyway, Franko's birthday was fun. He got mostly hunting stuff since that's what his current interest is. Well, besides growing his hair out. He turned 14 this year.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

This and That

This week was hot/humid here again (uffda!) so I didn't spend much time outside. I did tackle hosing off and shampooing the hounds though. They sure get stinky, must be something with hounds.

Our eldest Crystal celebrated her 37th BD in Omaha, NE. this year. Sounds like she had a great time. Monday the 6th was the oldest Grandsons 14th BD - 14! We will celebrate with him this Sunday. Time sure flies...

Frank's been having a hard time with the air this week, there's an air quality issue due to the fires in Ontario. It's been pretty hazy around here and mixed with the heat and humidity it's pretty unbearable. I am thankful that we are not in a wildfire zone though and my heart goes out to those that are, and to the firefighters battling those blazes.

I plan on trying to see the meteor shower that is forecast for tonight. I don't know if it will be as visible with the hazy conditions but we'll give it a whirl.

P.S. We won!

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Rowan Time

Last night was Rowan's FIRST overnighter all by himself. No brother. Just him.

We had a grand old time.

There was card playing - he really likes UNO (Grampa won that one)

There was game time after bath time in the big bathtub (a ritual with the boys)

And morning hide and seek after his breakfast favorite - Waffles (funfetti one's this time).

We treasure these overnighters and, I believe, they do too.

Sunny update - notice the tall kid in the back.

P.S. We won last week - Huzzah!

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Life in the fast lane

Today we FINALLY got hooked up to high speed internet. It's been almost a year since they started laying fiber and today was the day. I am SO thankful that this company sought grants that were available to bring decent internet access to the rural areas. Without the grants there is no way this could/would have happened. For example we are the only house (of the 3) that hooked up to their service on our 2 miles of road. The guy told us that the going rate just to lay the fiber in the ground is right around $8 a foot. You can do the math - it's not a paying proposition for the company without grant money.

On another note, the Sunnies across the road are just starting to open up their flowers. They are so pretty - I can't wait to see a sea of sunflowers in the not too distant future.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Fun Times

We had an impromptu overnighter with the boys this past weekend. They are so much fun. We all get worn out!

We had movie time - Despicable Me was playing at the Sprucehaven Theater. Popcorn was flowing freely!

We had bath time too. They get a kick out of the jacuzzi tub - we don't use the jets but we turn them on so they can see. They make plenty of turmoil as is. There are rubby duckies that they like to load with water and squirt ALL OVER the place. It's a highlight for them at every stay over.

They love games so usually there's a game of tic tac toe, Go fish, or whatever. This day it was UNO.

They bring SO much life into the house!

P.S. They won

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The Fun Parts of Summer

What a nice few days we have had weatherwise. 70's for highs (hallelujah!). This kind of weather gets me in gear to do some things outdoors.

I could actually put out the sun tea jar without worry of the plastic melting clean off of it - THAT was a treat.

Not sure what made this track but I suspect wolf. This was on the way to the mailbox. I like to see critter tracks.

And looky here what came in the mailbox today! A care package of handmade soap and handmade card - what a day brightener!

Over the weekend we got an invite to some friends place at the lake. We had taken in their Mother's dog when she passed away. That dog was a challenge. He's a corgi and was quite the biter. Hubby worked with him until one of the kids was ready to take him in after his little boot camp to be a nicer boy. We get to see him occasionally and he ALWAYS remembers. This time was bittersweet. He is 14 now and having major issues with his back legs. He can't see or hear very well but nonetheless he was happy as a clam to see us. Apparently the back leg thing is something that happens in that breed.

P.S. And last but NOT least - we won!! Again!!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

No more water worries

So, we have well water being out here in the sticks and all. I actually prefer well water to "city" water. But, you have to be careful. Sometimes things will leach into the aquifer and contaminate the water. We have it tested regularly and it is always safe to drink. However, at certain times of the year it will have a fishy smell (we are near a river) that I'm just not loving. Daughter Angie found a purifier for her icky city water to remove the things she didn't want them to drink (chlorine, fluoride, etc.,) and I didn't think much of it but I decided to take the plunge (so to speak).

I opted for the Big Berkey in a scratch and dent model to save a few bucks and, honestly, I didn't see a dent or scratch anywhere on it. It also still has the full warranty but with no moving parts except the spigot I don't expect much trouble from it. The filters last for over 5 years!!

Anyone interested can read more about them here.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Made my day

Today I received my package from oldest daughter, Crystal. I look forward to these each month and they never disappoint.

I don't know what I love more, the fun socks or the handwritten notes. Both are precious.

It was a perfect day for them to arrive. The heat/humidity is getting to me. Allergies from the necessary A/C get my sinuses messed up. And on top of that our area is gearing up for all the protests over the Line 3 Sandpiper project. While I respect the opinions and rights of others to speak out against most forms of politics, I typically don't go there myself. I prefer to make the differences I can by how I vote. Workplace politics are another thing that just drives me bat shit crazy.

So, today was a perfect day to receive my care package. It made me smile and forget all the other nonsense that goes on around me.

P.S. We won!

Friday, July 6, 2018

What did they say?

Hubby got an email from a friend the other day that sparked good conversation and some laughter too. Sayings from our younger days that have seemed to "fall by the wayside". There was the nod of recognition over "Heavens to Mergatroyd" and "Jumpin' Jehosahphat". 

Google and Microsoft angrily put a red line under most of these words, insisting that it either doesn't exist or is certainly misspelled. And we say, "Heavens to Betsy" doesn't everyone know these phrases? Surely Google in their infinite wisdom should recognize a phrase that was "out of this world" not SO long ago.

I mean, are they shocked enough to say, "Well I'll be a monkey's uncle"? Or maybe "This is a fine kettle of fish!".

And then there was my Mom's old standby, "Crime in Italy" which actually sounded like Criminitly.

How many old phrases can you remember?

Friday, June 29, 2018

Hot and humid in the sticks

Mom always called these lilies 4th of July flowers and this year they are right on schedule.
We are having a spell of hot and humid weather here. Today it's 91 degrees above the donut with 62% humidity - As my Gramma would have said, "Uffda!".

But the blooms love this kind of weather. These are the kind of days people say if you listen close enough you can hear the corn growing!

The Gramma roses are blooming even though the rabbits destroyed alot of the stems over the winter.

We had a visitor of some kind last night that left us with some big holes in the yard. We suspect it was a badger. I hope he was busy getting rid of all the striped gophers we've had this year!

And then I noticed the apples are still growing. Obviously the deer haven't spotted them yet. Hope we can get a couple apples this year. This is a haralred. I would like to try a honeycrisp too. Maybe next year.