Saturday, May 26, 2018

Summer is here

I had big plans for the 3 day weekend until...

I don't do well in that kind of heat. It's good for one thing and that's tourists visiting our area and spending time out on the water. For locals, not so much.

However the lilacs are enjoying it. They look the better than they have the past few years. Usually we get frost when they are starting to bud but this year we squeaked by without getting "nipped".

I am rearranging my office today. I may even tackle the kitchen. I hooked up the portable a/c unit this morning and it's making life bearable inside :)

On that note, I'll add a few shots I took of some clouds a couple nights ago (and a morning one with fog over the pond). Unfortunately they didn't have any rain in them.

And then there's this happy girl. Not sure where Cooper was...

And then this is the picture of the week - silly doggies

P.S. We lost again :(

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Best thing since sliced bread

I watched videos, I read reviews, I pondered.

And then I took the plunge. I decided to go on the cheap and even at that my life is suddenly easier. A hank of yarn that would have taken FOREVER propped on the back of the chair and winding by hand took minutes. MINUTES.
I think I'm in love.

I really need to learn how to gauge what "half" is. This is - Frolicking Feet by Done Roving Yarns out of Maine in the Street Party colorway procured at my LYS. The plan is for a pair in her favorite color (wild) for Granddaughter Abbie. Should be fun to see how the colors flow.

P.S. They won - AGAIN, arghhh!!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Sunshine isn't always your friend

So, I was all happy with the fact that I got the windows washed and put on some screens all in anticipation of summer. That was until...


I guess I know what I'll be doing again this coming weekend, along with this....

yup, you guessed it, mowing. Just a few short weeks ago this was covered in snow!

Today it was over 85 degrees and everything around here started popping out at once. There are flower buds even on the crab tree, overnight.

After work we finished installing the cellphone repeater. Frank had all the inside equipment rigged up so we put up the tower outside. There are 3 bars inside now instead of 1 - huzzah! I really need to be able to receive/make work calls from home sometimes so this was more of a necessity than a perk. Afterwards we decided ice cream was in order so that was dinner. It was too hot to cook in my opinion. See above.

I probably shouldn't complain about the heat - at least not yet.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mother's Day!

I was sent some nice greetings this morning from the girls - it always makes my heart smile when they send me a message but these were very special.

I feel so blessed!

The picture of Ang and me was when we went to a traveling art pub and did paintings and Crystal and I were on a riverwalk on one of our "adventure" weekends.

Ang and I are going to the movie "Life of the party" tonight at the local movie theater. I haven't been to the movies in years. YEARS.

I had a great talk with Crystal last night and today the grandboys (and Ang and Mike) brought me cards. The boys had made theirs and they were adorable, of course.