Sunday, May 7, 2017

A bittersweet goodbye

Dale was finally released from the hospital today and they let him come home, he was eager to have Elke home with him so we took her over to him. He looks a bit pale yet but he's determined to get up and about as soon as he can. He was so happy to see his girl and we were happy for him but I miss her already. Cooper was talking to us when we came home without her. He misses her too.

Crystal and Dale are here for the weekend from Mitchell, they rented a cabin so they could bring Tucker along since we didn't think 3 dogs in the house was going to work out very well. Cooper and him tend to get on each other's (and everyone else's) nerves pretty quickly. But they spend part of the day with us and then had Ang and family over to the cabin with all the kids for a cookout and games. They stopped by here for a couple hours this evening and will stop over tomorrow before heading back home.

Picture of the week:

P.S. They won

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