Monday, December 11, 2017

Christmastime on the brain

It's hard for me to think about much else this time of year. Christmas is my favorite holiday - bar none! I love all of it, Christmas Carols, Christmas programs, Choirs, Giving, sharing, family. Especially family. We have a Christmas Eve party with friends and family and that way the little ones can be home Christmas morning for their own family time.

I'm an online shopper, have been for many years. Shopping is done and all that's left is the wrapping. I'll admit, the wrapping isn't in my top 10 list but, hey, it has to be done.

This past weekend was the little boys Christmas program at church. It was preceded by a concert of the bell choir. That was a treat. The boys did a good job. Rowan had a hard time but he's only 4. He actually hung in there pretty good for a little guy. Milo is becoming a ham :)

It was a fun outing.

Even managed to get the tree decorated. I couldn't find the tree skirt I had planned on but with all the sorting I've misplaced a few things. This one is one I made for Mom several years ago and it works out fine.

P.S. They won

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