Saturday, May 26, 2018

Summer is here

I had big plans for the 3 day weekend until...

I don't do well in that kind of heat. It's good for one thing and that's tourists visiting our area and spending time out on the water. For locals, not so much.

However the lilacs are enjoying it. They look the better than they have the past few years. Usually we get frost when they are starting to bud but this year we squeaked by without getting "nipped".

I am rearranging my office today. I may even tackle the kitchen. I hooked up the portable a/c unit this morning and it's making life bearable inside :)

On that note, I'll add a few shots I took of some clouds a couple nights ago (and a morning one with fog over the pond). Unfortunately they didn't have any rain in them.

And then there's this happy girl. Not sure where Cooper was...

And then this is the picture of the week - silly doggies

P.S. We lost again :(


  1. The pic of the dogs is pretty cute stuff. Your lilacs look gorgeous! And if you live near the area shown in the temperature image... I know Nevis very well!

  2. Love the cloud photos! And your dogs are too cute!

    Glad to hear Cooper is feeling better. Sounds like he is responding better to it.

    1. Thanks - The weimaraner is Elke and Coop is the Black and Tan Coon mix.

  3. That is hot! It's been 90 here and humid too. I guess I am stuck inside in the AC for the rest of the summer. Those dogs have the right idea. Nothing to do but chill from here on out. I miss winter.

  4. I stopped just short of saying I miss winter but if this keeps up I will be saying it!


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