Friday, October 19, 2018

Rowan Joins The Club

This year Rowan has joined Taekwondo! He loves it. It's interesting to see how he progresses compared to Milo. They look at things, and react to things differently.

This past week he earned his first belt - he was VERY happy.

We even got to do a full "class" picture.

He had to have a new uniform ordered because the one they had didn't have the logo on it and it was too big - he's still itty bitty, only 5 years old.

This week I received another "care package" in the mail.

Yesterday we had a beautiful weather day (about 70 degrees!) so we took advantage and did some of the things outside that needed to be done. And then....the asian beetles showed up in droves. ARGHHHHHHH we were hoping the unseasonable cool weather for the past couple weeks would have killed them off but NO. I think their only natural enemy is the vacuum cleaner.

P.S. Last week they won, this week???


  1. Awww....such sweet memories. I had a little one do the karate thing too.

  2. He is such a CUTIE!!! Sweet smile. Thanks for your visits to my blog. I've been having trouble leaving comments, latey, but Anonymous seems to work. goodnightgram


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