Friday, January 18, 2019

Reality Check

It is currently 8 degrees below the donut with a real feel of -18. This is definitely a downturn to what our weather this winter has been to this point. This is when the locals start flocking to warmer climates. If I were retired I can honestly say I would be joining them - UFFDA!

It all started earlier in the week when we woke up to the beauty that only a good hoar frost provides

You instinctively know that things are about to change. 2 days later we were in the deep freeze. Tonight the wind chill is supposed to reach -35.

But still we are blessed with beauty - Check out the moon dog!

Card night was a bust again - They won.


  1. And here I am complaining about it going down to 13 degrees tomorrow night!

  2. Such beautiful scenery! Going to be a bitter one for us too. -4 right now and steadily falling. Brrr...

    Great pic of moon dog! Love it!

    Stay warm!

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