Sunday, January 15, 2017

Snow Mountain

In spite of all my cursing about all the snow this year there is one huge benefit. Snow mountain, the grandkids and Cooper just love it and this year has been the best in a while. Sometimes you just have to find that silver lining.

Mike and Angie's vehicles both took a dump this week so we dug out our old Explorer in hopes of reviving it for them. They've been here the past 2 days but so far things aren't going as we hoped. It might have been better left behind the snow.

Tomorrow is MLK day so the Courthouse is closed. I have expectations to get a lot done but the reality is we'll just see how it goes. I do want to take advantage of the warmer temps and get some wood up closer to the stove because I'm sure it won't last. It's still 17 above the donut at 9 pm. I would be ok with riding out the winter with these temps but I've lived here all my life - That is NOT going to happen!

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