Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year!

The festivities are over and the house is back (mostly) to it's pre-holiday condition. Crystal surprised us for New Years, showing up on Wednesday night for a 4 day stay. Frank had the snow mountain ready for the kiddo's to play on and play they did.

The adults just ate too much and tried to keep up with the younguns. Cooper had company too as Crystal and Dale brought our grandpuppy, Tucker, along. He is still recuperating as are we.

We're on track for another blizzard or some kind of weather system again for this afternoon through noon tomorrow. It's starting to become commonplace lately. More shoveling - yippee! Plus we're in for a much colder week ahead so will get wood near the stove so it's easier to keep it filled when it's cold. Nothing worse than having to root around for wood at -10 or so.

Today I will get new folders setup on my computer for the New Year for pictures, emails, etc., and transfer holiday photos from my phone into their respective folders. I purchased a new photo scanner and so far I like it pretty well, it will even do negatives so I'm excited to try that feature.

Frank is cooking breakfast, his famous omelets - I'm in!

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