Saturday, November 4, 2017

Unofficial Minnesota Holiday

“Just because something is traditional is no reason to do it, of course.”
― Lemony Snicket, The Blank Book

Today is the first day of the Firearm Deer Season. It is something that is a long standing tradition in my family and has been something Frank and I have done for many years. Well, this year, for many reasons we decided to pass. The weather was misty, damp, and cold so it was a good day to stay indoors. We hope to get the deer report from other family and friends and wish them luck, and safety.

I made Chicken Wild Rice Hotdish, It's a fave of ours for Deer Season (hunting not required). Talked to Crystal on the phone for quite a while, her life is very busy. We also had a visit from our friend Dale.

Later, I worked on the Dog sweater for Cooper. I finished the back and now it's on to to the underneath portion. It's been a fun knit even though I flubbed and had to take out 7 rows. Crocheting is much easier to frog than knitting as anyone that has done both can attest to. I do like the look of it, will he wear it? Who knows.

Link to the pattern is here. I had to use the L/XL size for Coop - He is so long and lanky that I had to lay it on him to make sure it would cover him. It seemed adequate. And if he refuses to wear it I have a grandpuppy that it will fit as well so it's a win win!

Speaking of winning, we did not - They won :(


  1. The hot dish sounds yummy! The god sweater looks really very nice and the deer sibs and I have been texting about it all weekend. Just texting. We have memories of it from many years ago from up north with our folks.

  2. Unfortunately some of those traditions are going to the wayside. We may have to make a different decision come next season. It would be a shame to lose that memory.


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