Thursday, November 2, 2017

This and That, mostly rambling.

Today was an abstract day. I'm kind of freaking out about how fast the Holidays are creeping up on me, I am so unprepared.

I'm already tired of shoveling off the new patio. Why did we decide to have such a big patio again? I realize I could just shovel off some of it but my O.C.D. just isn't letting that happen. I will really enjoy it again in the spring :)

Had the eye appointment and they had a fancy scan to check for glaucoma and other eye issues, I got the clean bill of health there. Ended up having to order trifocals again. They assured me that if they aren't right they will keep working on them until they are. After the last pair of those I am skeptical but trying to be positive. They should be in in about 2 weeks they said.

I'm working on a doggie sweater for Coop, so far so good. I like the look of it, hopefully he'll like it and it will keep him a bit warmer. My buttonholes aren't the best in the west but they should hold on to the buttons. First time I've made them.

Tomorrow's Friday already, Can't believe it!

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