Sunday, March 4, 2018

Mister Milo wins again

This past week has been a whirlwind at work. Crazy busy!

The highlight was Monday night when Milo had his belt test in Taekwondo. This is his 3rd test and this one was for the solid orange belt. He nailed it! I could see a huge improvement in his confidence and also his sportsmanship. He worked so hard at the last test and had to redo quite a few times. This time he finished first a few times, he was SO proud of himself. This is working out so well for him. On St. Patrick's Day there will be a tournament and he is registered for that - I can't wait to go watch!

Weather has at least been decent this week. Above freezing during the day so our "ice rink" driveway is all melted - yay!

We even came into March "like a lamb". Mother Nature probably has some real doozy lined up for us since we'll no doubt go out "like a lion". Now, THERE'S something to look forward to.

P.S. They won.

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  1. That brings back such fun memories. #2 son was a karate kid too. He took it very seriously. He grew up to be a district attorney for the DOJ and he hasn't had to use his skills yet. We tease him about it all the time.


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