Saturday, February 24, 2018

More of the same

The word around here is snow. It just keeps coming. I have shoveled more in the past week than I really wanted to and I don't mind it but when it's every day and multiple times a day - enough!

Oh, it's pretty...

But still.

I have shoveled twice tonight and the morning will be one more time to get ready for the neighbor to come with his tractor and add to the "snow mountain". The grandkiddo's are supposed to be out tomorrow so they will love it and I will love watching them play.

I did another "upgrade" this week. I tried it out this morning and it works just slick as a whistle. AND it was on clearance to boot - go me!

When the girls were young I used an old waffle baker that was my Grandma's. It was old, it wasn't "nonstick" and it had a broken leg so you had to prop it up with whatever was laying around. I loved that iron but this is just perfect for the hubby and I. Angie got one of these and told me about it and I figured if it worked for her it would work for me.

P.S. We tied

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  1. Wow....that is some snow!!!! It looks like winter passed us by this year. Waffles? Mmmm...sounds good. I might have to drag out my waffle iron.


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