Monday, June 25, 2018

Fun and then, not fun.

This weekend we ventured to a Flea Market in a neighboring town. There was a wide variety of this and that but we left empty handed. The reason is two-fold. The biggest reason, we already have plenty of STUFF. Second was the prices. We thought they were a bit steep. Still it was a nice outing on a Sunday.

This past week Crystal, our oldest, went to a new Chiropractor as she continues to have issues with her back and neck. She has seen a wide variety of Chiro's, Massage Therapists, and even an Empath. All to no long term satisfaction. This time X-rays were taken.

NOT good.

We are all hopeful that this new guy will be able to make a difference. Of course he thinks he can.

P.S. We tied


  1. Ouch....I hope your Daughter gets that sorted out. Neck and back pain are no fun.

  2. Sending good wishes for your daughter and finding the right solution. I'm with you on not getting something at flea markets if the prices aren't right. But Sundays are great for outings!


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