Friday, June 29, 2018

Hot and humid in the sticks

Mom always called these lilies 4th of July flowers and this year they are right on schedule.
We are having a spell of hot and humid weather here. Today it's 91 degrees above the donut with 62% humidity - As my Gramma would have said, "Uffda!".

But the blooms love this kind of weather. These are the kind of days people say if you listen close enough you can hear the corn growing!

The Gramma roses are blooming even though the rabbits destroyed alot of the stems over the winter.

We had a visitor of some kind last night that left us with some big holes in the yard. We suspect it was a badger. I hope he was busy getting rid of all the striped gophers we've had this year!

And then I noticed the apples are still growing. Obviously the deer haven't spotted them yet. Hope we can get a couple apples this year. This is a haralred. I would like to try a honeycrisp too. Maybe next year.


  1. Enjoy the beautiful flower pictures. Lilies and roses are the best!

  2. Whoa....those are some big holes!!! And I thought our moles were bad.

  3. Beautiful flowers. My colleague and I talk flowers first thing every morning for a few moment just to start our day. Fun to come here and see yours, too! The holes, not so much fun. Yikes! They look big.

  4. We are having the same weather. (MI) UGH! But I know the flowers and veggies are loving it. Apples are coming along good!


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