Tuesday, September 18, 2018

A Great Time Was Had By All

The long weekend with the family went too quick. Time flies as it is but it seems to just sail by when there are new things to do.

On Friday all of us girls (Crystal, Angie, Abbie, and me) took a road trip to do some shopping and just have fun. The boys (Dale, Mike, Frank, Frank-o, Milo, and Rowan) stayed behind to hold down the fort.

We stopped at a cute little town with lots of cute little shops first.

Abbie reluctantly posed on the cool smore's bench. How cute is that? Ok, maybe I need to get out more.

I didn't take tons of pics but when any of us girls see's one of these - oh, it's on and is a MUST stop and have a kodak moment or two.

Anyway, then we were off to the next town to have lunch and more shopping but this time of the big box kind - Costco. We had a great lunch with a delightful waiter at Grizzly's. I didn't do much in the way of food pics but I did get one of these. They were so good! Plus we were starving by this time.

They were called Texas Egg Rolls. They were filled with pulled pork with a pretty spicy chili sauce. I would definitely order them again.

Oh, and the rotisserie that they cook their chickens on - OUT OF THIS WORLD! Best.Chicken.Ever.

And then...

P.S. One month today off the smelly sticks - wahoo!


  1. What fun and great memories you're making, and food really does help with that, doesn't it? And I love the bench, how cute is that?? ...I love s'mores!


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