Saturday, September 29, 2018

No, you can not use my CC to book your AirBNB!

The post title says it all. The CC Company called to ask if I was trying to book a vacation property with AirBNB - seriously? I wish!

Well, the card is now cancelled until I get a new one in the mail. So, I guess there will be no online shopping this weekend. Probably for the best. With the weather today it was right there at the top of my list of fun things to do. I'm grateful that the company keeps a watchful eye - Amazon will just have to wait.

First snow here. Well, technically, it snowed yesterday but I was working and missed it.

I got a care package this week too. I wonder if Crystal will continue this next year!

Work has been INSANE - it doesn't look like it will let up anytime soon either. Today was cleaning catch up to make up for doing absolutely NOTHING at home all week. I remember it being easier and taking less time not THAT long ago.

Last weekend was a family birthday, my cousin. She turned 80 so they had a party for her. She danced and danced. I hope I got those genes.

The pups are in hibernation mode too:

P.S. After 3 weeks - YES 3, we finally WON - Huzzah!


  1. Snow????? Get out! Just seeing those flakes made me all warm and fuzzy inside. It's still too muggy here for comfort but it was 60 this morning. That's a big improvement.

  2. Cute cuddling pooches! My Husky/lab dogs are just coming out of "summer hibernation." They get rip raring to go in the fall/winter months. They are almost impossible to walk. lol


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