Saturday, September 5, 2015

Auction Day

1st Saturday of the month is Auction Day, we've been going to these consignment auctions for years. This year we've been a little lax at attending. We just have so much stuff the last thing we need is more.

We used to really enjoy the old time farm auctions. Usually way off the beaten path and took us to places we wouldn't normally have gone. Then they'd have the lunch wagon. There's nothing better than a sloppy joe at the auction. At least that's how it was. Some of the allure is missing at a consignment sale but we go nonetheless. We even have a fixed bidding number.

So, today, we stopped in to see what treasures we couldn't live without. To make a long story short we didn't even pull out our number. There wasn't much there this time, it probably wasn't going to be a very long auction.

Instead we headed back to town for breakfast then on a drive around the backroads. I didn't take any pictures today, we just drove and chatted enjoying the A/C. It was a scorcher again today - sure looking forward to that cool down.

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