Tuesday, September 15, 2015

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I got an invite from Ancestry for a new subscription at a substantial savings so, loving the deal, I took on another 6 mo. subscription. I usually do in the fall so I have the winter months to work on the Family Tree. There's "new" information. What an oxymoron - old data being new. Anyway, I enjoy it and someday the grandbabies might enjoy seeing it all.

Dad and Mom on their wedding day - 1956

I have recently begun scanning the old photo's and adding them to the tree so they don't have to just be that blue or pink profile icon. 

My Paternal Grandparents

My Maternal Grandparents

Later my maternal Grandmother remarried so the only "Grampa" I knew was him and not this man. This guy passed away long before I was even born in 1945.

My Dad and his siblings. Dad is the one on the left in the back, Ralph, his older brother on the right.

It's a fun pastime in the long winter months. Imagine how much more difficult it was prior to the internet! 

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