Thursday, September 3, 2015

Cooper the bipolar hound

After I got home from work Angie showed up with the boys. We had a good visit and of course the boys had to snack. I'm sure we have basically the same snacks that they have at home but it's something about having it at Gramma and Papa's I guess. Today it was chocolate chip bunnies (Annies). I admit they are tasty.

Cooper was happy to see the boys as well, a bit TOO happy usually because he ends up bowling them over and slurping them on the way by. I swear that dog is bipolar, he can go from sleeping under my desk to full on hyperspastic mode in about 2 seconds (if that).

He is a good looking dog though, and he knows it, he struts around like he's the King around here. Who knows - maybe he is....

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