Monday, December 26, 2016

Merry Christmas!

I know, technically Christmas is past but since I haven't gone to sleep yet it's still Christmas Day. We did our celebrating Christmas Eve and we all had a blast! We had Mike, Angie, and ALL the Grandkids plus Mike's Dad, brother, and cousin and his 2 kiddo's. Kids bring so much life to a house but by the time they had gone home we were beat - even Coop. The only ones missing were Crystal and Dale (they were here in spirit).

Abbie, Rowan, Milo, and Frank - Grace was missing from the picture

We did a White Elephant exchange this year (A first for me). We had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs and plan to do it again next year with a higher price limit. We did $5 this year, tough to find good stuff for that price point.

Tomorrow I think the tree will be coming down, we will be doing an overnighter with Mike, Angie, and the Grandkids on New Years Eve and the space is needed for sleeping bags. Crystal and Dale may be able to come for that as well (weather permitting).

The wind is still howling out and I'm not sure how slippery it is, freezing rain this afternoon with snow following. Luckily the temps are reasonable.

Ice build up on the East windows just before dark

I guess we'll see how things look tomorrow...

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