Monday, June 19, 2017

A little birdie told me

I was watching this little bird collecting dead grass for his nest. When he decided he had enough he flew up to the pole and I was able to snap a pic. I think he was telling me, "Go ahead, I don't mind if you take my picture!" and so, I did.

I can remember my Mom telling me that a little birdie told her when I couldn't figure out how she knew about something I did (usually something I wasn't supposed to do). I used to get so angry at those birds!

Little Frank has been out helping the hubby with some outdoor projects. It's his first paying job and he's excited to be out helping. It is a big help to the hubby to get some of the things taken care of. They've been working on the rock wall around the back patio. It's coming along pretty well. We used to do quite a bit of that when hubby was doing landscaping. It's a hard job but rewarding.

Today was a long Monday and I am going to turn in early....

P.S. They won - again.

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