Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Overnighter with the boys

This past Saturday we picked up the boys after picking up our CSA box. Weather was pretty brisk so we did inside activities. There's always tic tac toe, wii games, drawing, and of course baking. It is so fun to see them and an everyday activity has it's own special spin on it when there are little people involved.

While Rowan played tic tac toe with Grampa Milo and I made a batch of M&M cookies. We packed up most of what was left to take to Mom and Dad.

Next up was Super Mario, Rowan prefers to be Luigi simply because he's green (his favorite color) and Milo needs to be Mario who's red (his favorite color). There was the usual bickering that goes on between siblings but they managed to keep it to a dull roar :)

Sunday morning Grampa showed Milo how to make omelettes and of course we had the standby of Blueberry pancakes which Milo decided should be now called "Grannycakes", what a monkey!

Kids always bring a lot of life into the house but by Sunday, mid morning Gramps and I were pretty worn out - time to load up and get them back to Mom and Dads. Until next time...

P.S. We switched partners - Guys vs Gals, WE WON!


  1. Still on my blog break but I had to atop by and see how card night went. Your were busybwith the grands, too! Congrats on gals' win!


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