Saturday, June 3, 2017

Suddenly Summer

2 days ago I was wearing a winter coat and the furnace was running. Yesterday summer made an appearance. 88 degrees, welcome to Minnesota.

Took the car in to the shop because it sounded like the muffler fell off. Luckily it was just a gasket and now it purrs like a kitten again. I was thankful that's all it was and that I no longer get "the look" when I leave the parking lot :D

Still waiting on the peony's to bloom, I hope the wind doesn't blow the buds clean off. The wind never seems to stop. Last night it rained, and it rained hard, but it was brief. We need more moisture with all the wind.

Picked up our share at the Farmer's Market. Pretty much same fare as last week with the addition of radishes. Those will be good in a salad. We get rhubarb but don't need it so we share with others. I made a rhubarb cake yesterday for Card night. It was really good. Actually, if you don't like rhubarb it would be perfect because it's not overwhelming in this recipe. I will definitely make it again. The only change I made was butter in place of shortening.

That's it for now....

P.S. They won (We were actually skunked)

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