Monday, July 23, 2018

Fun Times

We had an impromptu overnighter with the boys this past weekend. They are so much fun. We all get worn out!

We had movie time - Despicable Me was playing at the Sprucehaven Theater. Popcorn was flowing freely!

We had bath time too. They get a kick out of the jacuzzi tub - we don't use the jets but we turn them on so they can see. They make plenty of turmoil as is. There are rubby duckies that they like to load with water and squirt ALL OVER the place. It's a highlight for them at every stay over.

They love games so usually there's a game of tic tac toe, Go fish, or whatever. This day it was UNO.

They bring SO much life into the house!

P.S. They won


  1. What a great time! I have yet to have mine over for the night. My DIL is the overprotective type. :(

  2. How fun to have them visit. Good times!


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