Thursday, July 12, 2018

No more water worries

So, we have well water being out here in the sticks and all. I actually prefer well water to "city" water. But, you have to be careful. Sometimes things will leach into the aquifer and contaminate the water. We have it tested regularly and it is always safe to drink. However, at certain times of the year it will have a fishy smell (we are near a river) that I'm just not loving. Daughter Angie found a purifier for her icky city water to remove the things she didn't want them to drink (chlorine, fluoride, etc.,) and I didn't think much of it but I decided to take the plunge (so to speak).

I opted for the Big Berkey in a scratch and dent model to save a few bucks and, honestly, I didn't see a dent or scratch anywhere on it. It also still has the full warranty but with no moving parts except the spigot I don't expect much trouble from it. The filters last for over 5 years!!

Anyone interested can read more about them here.


  1. I HATE my well water. We just spent $4000 on our second water softening system since we moved here. Being so close to the Bay our water smells like rotten eggs all the time so we had to have a chlorinator added this time to keep the whole house from smelling terrible for hours after you take a shower. We use gallons and gallons of bottled water since we can't drink or cook with that nasty stuff in the tap. Now it's etching my new bathroom fixtures. Grrrr......I'll have to give that filter thing a look. I am so tired of lugging the water gallons into the house.

  2. I'm a lugger of gallons of water into my house as well. Only for my own drinking water as hubby thinks the faucet is fine for him. Thanks for sharing the link and liked what I saw. Will have to do some more reading and thinking on the Berkey, but I've kept my eyes open for quite some time on filters and this seems to make sense. Enjoy your day.


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