Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The Fun Parts of Summer

What a nice few days we have had weatherwise. 70's for highs (hallelujah!). This kind of weather gets me in gear to do some things outdoors.

I could actually put out the sun tea jar without worry of the plastic melting clean off of it - THAT was a treat.

Not sure what made this track but I suspect wolf. This was on the way to the mailbox. I like to see critter tracks.

And looky here what came in the mailbox today! A care package of handmade soap and handmade card - what a day brightener!

Over the weekend we got an invite to some friends place at the lake. We had taken in their Mother's dog when she passed away. That dog was a challenge. He's a corgi and was quite the biter. Hubby worked with him until one of the kids was ready to take him in after his little boot camp to be a nicer boy. We get to see him occasionally and he ALWAYS remembers. This time was bittersweet. He is 14 now and having major issues with his back legs. He can't see or hear very well but nonetheless he was happy as a clam to see us. Apparently the back leg thing is something that happens in that breed.

P.S. And last but NOT least - we won!! Again!!


  1. Wolf? Yikes.....I am happy to see the soap arrived. We've got a respite from the heat today a bit too. Yay for open windows!!!

  2. It is all the simple things of life that make it all that much sweeter. You seem to be enjoying just that. :)

  3. Sun tea, yum! Seeing wolf tracks is better than seeing a wolf, but cute shoes! And what a nice gift in the mail. The card is very nicely done.


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