Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Communication interruption

Today started out in the wee hours with an issue at the workplace where the Email communications came to a screeching halt. A person doesn't realize just how dependent they are on this system of communication until something like this happens.

It is not yet resolved at end of day but tomorrow is a new day so, hopefully, things will be rectified.

The CT Scan our daughter was to have today didn't go as planned either. For some reason the wrong test was ordered by the Dr. so it's a waiting game. The test has been reordered and supposed to take place early Friday morning so fingers are still crossed here.

Weather wise it was downright chilly here today - and windy. Not a great combo. I love the cooler weather but coat weather wasn't quite what I was hoping for, I almost feel bad for all the tourists here on vacation without appropriate clothing. Good for clothing sales in the area I suppose. Sweatshirts were probably a "hot" commodity - no pun intended.

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