Monday, August 10, 2015


Today was just alot of working so I am going to blog about last Friday instead. We took off around 11 and stopped at one of our favorite places for lunch - Bullwinkles in Nevis, It was awesome as usual. Then we drove on to Akeley to do some thrifting. Thrifting is what I consider recycling for a good cause. The people at the Akeley ARCC (aka the Akeley Mall) have a big job keeping track of all their donations and they are always there to greet the public with a helping hand and a smile. While driving through on one of our prior trips I noticed a sign painted on one of the old buildings on "Main Street" in Akeley, I got a chuckle out of it so I felt the need to snap a picture of it.

Since it was wintertime we didn't consider the idea of actually dancing but someday we just might!

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