Friday, February 9, 2018

Household upgrades

I have been getting sick and tired of washing our big comforter and waiting through 3 dryer cycles to dry it. With hounddogs the comforter get's dirty quickly. Sometimes we just don't let them in the bedroom but every now and again they do come in and deposit copious amounts of hair, dander, and dirt. So, my other solution was a comforter (down alternative since it was a test) and a duvet cover. After wrangling and wrestling with it for a time I finally got it put together. The hubby has been mumbling about how our big fluffy comforter (now retired) was so much nicer and warmer than it's replacement so - now we have a king size, fluffy, easily washable comforter.

I won't say it's easier to put together but I think I can get better at it, this being my first time and all.

Next up, potholders. I am a messy cook and am forever getting food on my potholders and washing them ends up making them lumpy and they have hot spots. Well, no more!

I was skeptical but I was wrong! They can handle hot cast iron from the oven without burning me and I can swish them through the dish water to clean up whatever I get on them. How sweet is that? And, yes, I use a big 'ol horseshoe for a trivet. It works well but, who knows? I may upgrade that as well some day (probably not).

Card night tonight. I had a idea to take my normal cake recipe that I would use for pineapple upside down cake and make caramel apple upside down cake. It turned out pretty good if I do say so myself. The recipe I use is for a deep dark chocolate cake but I just adjust the flour and take out the cocoa and it works out swell. Hopefully tonight will be better than the last couple weeks - uffda!

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