Saturday, February 17, 2018

Tired of winter

We were really looking forward to a nice weekend so we could get out and go snoop at some thrift stores. Well, temperature wise it's nice but we have gale force winds so we will be staying in, at least for today. We had the nice day earlier in the week so it was melting and glorious but now...

The driveway is a rink and the vehicles are covered in salt. Good thing mine is made of some kind of plastic but the underside is not so it's probably rusting as I type.

Frank made a "creation" for me the other morning. I call it a deconstructed omelet. It was tasty though.

The hounds are having "cabin fever" issues as well. This was one of their better days. Cooper will growl at Elke when she lays on him usually. He has bad hips though so I get it. We're all getting older.

Card night was a bust - They won! (mutter mutter)

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  1. We are covered in ice too at the moment. They called for heavy rain but now we have snow and ice. I'm glad I stayed home today.


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