Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Out with the New, In with the Old.

I have fought the drip coffeemaker market for long enough. I have spent more time and had more frustration than it's worth. It's time to go back to the tried and true, the simple and basic.

I loved the idea of this coffee machine and while it worked it was flat awesome! I like making those froo froo coffee's. It worked out well for that but nothing I can't reproduce manually.

First it wanted to be cleaned. I get it, we don't use softened water in it but then even after cleaning it had the annoying "clean me" light flashing. Then it would brew only what it felt like. It could be a full carafe, half carafe or a cup. After several attempts we had a full pot. Well, we are heavy coffee drinkers. The time it took it was a no brainer to just go back to the old method.

And here she is, in all of her glory. No moving parts, no vinegar rinses, no hard water issues. We've come full circle folks. Now it does take time, about a half hour start to finish but, hey, I'll take it!

This weekend was all about snow. Here's the first round, starting Saturday afternoon and finishing up Sunday late morning. 

Got all plowed out Sunday by noon and it was wash, rinse, and repeat Sunday afternoon until this morning. I think we ended up with about 8 inches in the 2 times. And who doesn't love all that snow with wind to make it a complete blizzard? 
Gotta love Minnesota, Mother Nature sure has a sense of humor that's for sure.


  1. My mom had that exact same coffee pot! I having a matching bowl that I treasure. Such memories. We also ditched those fancy drip types of coffee makers. In their place I was using a very old stove top percolator I rescued from Mom's house years ago to use on the wood stove when the power went out but with my memory I thought better of it and opted for an electric one that shuts itself off.

  2. I am quite jealous of your snow! It's been a rainy winter in southern Wisconsin -- not my idea of a good winter.
    I just use a plastic drip thing that I set on my cup. Then you pour boiling water over the grounds. Cheap, easy clean up, great coffee. It works especially great when there is only one coffee-drinker in the house.


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