Monday, April 23, 2018

Bathroom progress

So today the shower went in to the Master Bath. We chose a trim color that is difficult to find but so far, little by little, it is coming together.

Now we can start finishing the wall around it. There's even room for a linen closet at the end of the shower - be still, my heart!

In other news, the sock knitting continues. I made it through the heels with only one flub. I dropped a stitch, possibly from working on it in the wee hours in poor lighting. I have it pinned and will repair it in the end. Overall, they are coming along nicely.

Looks like a cluster here but it all makes sense while you're "in it".

And then there were heels - Tada!

I'm back to working in the round now so pretty soon they'll be done. It will be too hot for them now but they will be great next winter.

The temps hit almost 70 here today. I can't believe how fast the snow has gone. Tomorrow rain is forecast...bring it on!

P.S. They won


  1. We hit another snag with our bathroom so what we put in on Friday is coming out today. I think this project will never end.

  2. We just did our master bath floor and bottom 1/3 of the shower...contractor said would have been easier to do entire shower all over. Oh well. Prob would not have been cheaper! Love your socks. I crochet, that looks much harder.


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