Sunday, April 8, 2018

Trouble in Paradise

Late last night I was knitting along when I realized that the blower on the furnace was running too long and it wasn't warm. One of the pumps in the outside wood boiler quit circulating - GREAT! Now to be fair we knew it was going, it's been noisy all week, but we hoped it would hold out through the heating season. What were we thinking?!?!
Luckily we have gas backup so we didn't freeze :) So, hubby is on his way to town to purchase a new pump.

On the bright side, making progress on the socks.

P.S. They won - AGAIN!


  1. Oh, no.....if it makes you feel any better, my washing machine flooded my basement yesterday. I spent the day mopping. No fun there.

  2. It absolutely does NOT make me feel any better! Sorry to hear that, been there done that, NOT fun.


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