Wednesday, April 25, 2018

SeussOdyssey: The Production

Hubby and I went to the Theater tonight to see the 4-H Play, SeussOdyssey, held at a local stage. It was pretty funny. The kids did an awesome job. Our Milo was Reginald in the play and he did pretty well. Tonight was dress rehearsal so family could come and watch and let the public enjoy it for the next 4 performances.

The stage pre-performance. It's a cute little theater and holds about 100 people. We appreciated the fact that it was relatively empty. Just parents, grandparents, and relatives of the cast and crew.

Angie made the masks for the character Scylla - she did an awesome job! She made several costumes for this play so she's been crazy busy the last couple months between costume making and rehearsals, etc.

Milo as Reginald.

It was a good time and I hope a good experience for all of them even WITH all the crazy.

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