Friday, April 13, 2018

It WAS a good week until...

Blizzard Warning,  Winter Storm Warning, Winter Weather Advisory

This is the headline of our local "gazette". Seriously???

I think I had better get on the stick with Spring Cleaning, maybe that will get Mother Nature in gear for crying out loud.

So, moving on to more pleasant things...

Ang and I took the boys to the local Barber Shop for a haircut. It was little Rowan's first time for a full cut. Milo is an old pro already (at 8!).

Rowan before, look at all that hair!
Milo before, he is getting SO big!

It was fun for all of us and then when we were heading out an older gentleman that had been watching all of the festivities (the paparazzi and all) wanted to give me money to take the boys out to lunch to continue the celebration. How sweet is that? So, we headed down the block to a little place that serves smoothies and had a grand old time there as well. It was nice to take a couple hours off work and spend with them.

Rowan after, he looks so serious - and OLDER!

Ang and Milo had pictures yesterday for TaeKwonDo and Kumdo so I can't wait to see how those turned out.

I got a care package in the mail yesterday from Crystal - My monthly fun sock!

And today ANOTHER care package from a fellow blogger - I am so blessed

The soaps smell heavenly and that card that she MADE is just too cute. So pffft on the weather - LIFE IS GOOD!


  1. What cute but serious faces getting those haircuts! :-)

    And I love the fun socks and picture, blogging friends really are the best!

    Enjoy your weekend, and stay warm!

  2. So sorry to hear about the snow. You must be sick of winter. It's been in the 80's here for the past two days and I have to admit I miss the cooler weather-a little.


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