Thursday, December 8, 2016

37th Wedding Anniversary

Today is our Anniversary. It started out strange, the alarm clock went off at 5 am which isn't necessarily strange except we didn't set the alarm. We decided it was Mom and Dad looking over us, wishing us a Happy Anniversary in their own way.

I got done with work earlier than normal so Frank decided we should go out to lunch to celebrate our Anniversary - who am I to argue? Off we went! We didn't go anywhere fancy but the food was good and the company even better!

This is us from 1979

Dale and Crystal arrived home safely from Florida with alot of stories and adventures from their vacation, they had a good time. She said they went from 80 degrees to 8 degrees in Sioux Falls when their plane landed. Good memories for them to share. Those memories are really interesting to look back on when you're old geezers like us! 

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