Saturday, December 3, 2016

Reality Check

Today started out as most weekends, takes a while to get into gear after a long week. And then, bad news strikes - Crystal has taken Dale to the ER with a possible stroke. Even though they are pretty far away I could feel the fear in her messages. I wished I could have been there with her as she sat waiting for a multitude of tests to be completed and wait on the results.

The results were good and bad. The stroke turned out to be Bells Palsy (whew!) but he was diagnosed with both diabetes and hypertension. He was put on medication and sent home. They will have alot to discuss. Tomorrow they leave on a short trip to Florida, hopefully it won't dampen their fun.

Frank is still struggling with a cold he picked up over Thanksgiving. Breathing is hard to begin with and this just exacerbates it. He may need to go in but so far he's holding out.

Hoping for a better day tomorrow....

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