Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The beginning of the end of our hoarding tendencies

We are hoarders, there's no denying it anymore. This is the winter that it gets dealt with, once and for all! I started already with the Christmas decorations. I threw out broken ornaments, wildly bent up ornament hooks (saved those, why?), and assorted ornaments that I haven't used in a coon's age.
The brother in law has promised to pick up the extra furniture we have. When Mom passed away I wanted her table/chairs so that meant an extra set. That extra set has been sitting here for well over 6 months now. The table is in the living room and the chairs are stacked in the laundry room - really? I am beyond stoked to be rid of it.
The table/chairs we inherited were purchased July 2nd, 1971. Yes, she STILL had the receipt! The chairs originally were in a funky red/black pattern but over the years re-covered in red fake fur, not sure why except that she must have liked it :) Since then we've recovered them in a realtree fabric more suited to our tastes.
I ventured to the basement and it, too, is overflowing with useless stuff. I'm not sure how it happens but the next thing you know you could outfit at least one, if not two, full houses. The kitchen cabinets are another black hole filled with items that couldn't be lived without but haven't been used probably since sinking into that black hole. The thrift stores can be restocked for sure.
To be continued...
Full moon tonight but all I had was my phone so - crappy picture

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