Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Wrapping up

It's cooler today, and blustery. It's a good day to get those gifts wrapped, keep the fire going, and do some work from home. That all sounds fine in theory - let's see how it goes.

We're getting some snow showers and it's about 20 above, not sure on the wind chill. Dale and Crystal are enjoying their vacation in Florida, she's been keeping us up to date with various activity photo's. I'm sure the time is flying by and they'll blink and it will be time to board the plane home.

Angie and I have plans underway for Christmas Eve. Lot's of discussion on times and eats. Time is of little importance on Christmas, kind of like money. They both mean more the rest of the year but on Christmas we tend to be more frivolous with both.

Frank seems to be getting better, slowly, not coughing quite as much. Nighttime is the worst.

Super Coop isn't liking this change in weather, can't say as I blame him. We've been pretty spoiled with above average temps. So...he's bored and wants to play inside but he's a bull in a china shop and needs lots of space.

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