Thursday, April 20, 2017

It's official - the bears are out!

I was on the phone night before last with the oldest daughter when hubby started hooping and hollering for me to "come see", "hurry up you'll miss it", so with my phone propped on my shoulder I have my monocular in one hand and camera in the other trying to take a picture. It was quite a show! 😁

I didn't get a great pic but I got one nonetheless...

Called Eileen to tell her we'll have to switch card night to Saturday this week since we have the memorial service for Clyde on Friday. By the time we get home Frank will have had enough and probably not in the mood to play cards. She thought that would work out alright.

Dale has been finally let out of the hospital and is in the rest home in D.L., he needs to be supervised yet and go through physical therapy to get his strength back. It's been over a month since he went into the hospital. I'll say it again - he was LUCKY someone found him when they did! He pointed out that the by-laws state he can have animal visitors (hint hint) so we'll try to get Elke over there to see him...

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  1. Not sure I could ever get used to seeing bears from my window. What a sight!


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