Sunday, April 23, 2017

Snow again

Got up this morning to snow showers - what? So, Cooper and I trudged out and put some wood in the stove. Looks like an inside day today.

We went to the memorial service for Clyde on Friday night. They gave him a fireman's final call, that was a tearjerker but very touching. There was a good turnout and the family seemed to be handling it pretty good. They knew it was coming and his quality of life was pretty diminished. His Alzheimer's was so bad they kept him heavily medicated and he didn't come out of his room anymore. It's so sad, he's definitely in a better place and the family can move on. There's nothing worse than seeing the people you love fade away slowly. 

Picture of the week: 

P.S. They won

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  1. RIP Clyde. Just looking at your snow pic makes me shiver. And what a cute photo!


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