Sunday, April 9, 2017

Will the rain come?

Been upper 60's the past couple days but I'm nervous about fire danger. We've had a lot of wind and no moisture to speak of for a while. So what does the neighbor do? Burns off his field, luckily it didn't go anywhere and the wind calmed down. I won't lie - it always scares me when people do "controlled burns"

Angie and I are planning a girls getaway in June. We decided on Brainerd since it's going to just be an overnighter. The room is booked and now it's just to decide what we want to do while we're there. When I went to Sioux Falls with Crystal in September we had almost 3 days and only had a couple things planned to do but we stayed busy and I bet the same will happen here. We're excited!

Ang and the boys were out to see us yesterday while Mike took Abbie to the Father/daughter dance at the school. She said they had Grand March and the whole shebang. I haven't seen too many pics yet but it sounded great.

P.S. They won

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