Sunday, April 2, 2017

Spring has sprung

It's that time of year again, time to get outside and get things cleaned up. It's been beautiful weather, mid 50's above the donut and no bugs, perfect! The Sandhill cranes are back and showed up for a camera op. It was the best capture I could get.

Angie and family adopted a new dog from the shelter. He's a 5 year old and they have named him Hugo. He's huge like Cooper and Elke but not sure of breed. Mix of german shorthair pointer and lab maybe.

We spent a lazy day yesterday. Frank's been under the weather the past week or so. Good to just hang out sometimes. We did a marathon watch of Street Outlaws on Hulu. 

Abbie's Birthday party was great, she seemed to like the car so can't wait for her to bring it out to the farm so we can see it in action. Angie made butterflies for the top of her cupcakes, they turned out AWESOME - she even made a butterfly fairy for Abbie's cupcake. All in all a good day.

And now for the photo of the week...

P.S. They won

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