Saturday, April 15, 2017

Spring time blues

So much to do outside but last Wednesday I pulled some muscles in my lower back - again. Seems like this is becoming an annual event. There's tons  of stuff to do outside this time of year and I wasn't even close to being done!

Mike, Ang, and kids went on a day trip to Mike's sisters place in Coon Rapids. They found a doggie day care for Hugo in Blaine so he could enjoy some R&R while they visited and did an Easter egg hunt with the kiddos.

Thursday Roscoe went over the Rainbow bridge, he's been failing for some time and now he can be in peace and pain free. RIP Roscoe.

Thursday a good friend passed away, Clyde Zirkle, he and his wife (Jean) are Angie's Godparents. It was time though, he's had a rough road for a few years now. Friday will be the memorial service and they are having a fireman's send off since he was on the fire department for quite some time. He was a good and gently man and will be missed. RIP Clyde.

Dale and Crystal are headed to Rapid City for the Easter holiday with Dale's family. We are just here, we're not doing anything special this weekend.

We let the woodstove go out for the year so we'll have to switch over the water heater back to electric and turn the gas furnace back on for chilly nights. My back set the date, normally we would have let it go for a couple weeks yet.

Picture of the week:

P.S. WE won!

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  1. Reading about the fireman's send off gave me a lump in my throat. I've been to one. And for a police officer's funeral reception, they park a police car with the door open and the lights flashing for the duration of the gathering. Sad...I'm sorry for the loss of your friend, Clyde. I hope your back feels better.


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